Ensuring intervention is carried out efficiently and cost effectively

Troubleshooting issues and replacing components subsea is common during operations. Understanding and planning for the various challenges which may hinder the intended intervention will allow operators to minimise the vessel costs and system downtime associated with subsea interventions.

Many problems arise from the formation of calcareous deposits as a by-product of the cathodic protection system which hinders the removal of items subsea. For more information on the formation and removal of calcareous deposits, check out our science of stuck series here.

Project Examples

Jupa Acid Block.jpg
SolidCitric Supply

SolidCitric acid was provided to remove calcareous deposits from UTA Class 4 MQC interfaces as part of an electric fault finding campaign. The project included:

  • Provision of 12kg SolidCitric blocks and Class 4 interfaces

  • Provision of ROV handling adapters

  • Provision of custom SolidCitric acid sticks to transfer acid into hard to access hydraulic coupler areas

acid shroud.PNG
Linear Valve Override Cleaning Shroud

A cleaning shroud was developed for a Type B linear valve override (LVO). The project included:

  • Concept design

  • Fabrication management

  • SIT

  • Supply of acid blocks

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