Ops and Integrity Reviews

Maximising asset uptime and optimising offshore campaigns

Regular operability and integrity reviews of subsea equipment are required to ensure long term performance. This is due to the dynamic nature of subsea operations, where both external and internal parameters change over time.

Understanding how these parameters change and how the subsea risk landscape is affected allows operators to:

  • Focus time and efforts effectively, thereby optimising OPEX

  • Manage risks to the subsea equipment in a timely and appropriate manner, thereby ensuring the safe performance, reliability and availability of subsea assets through life

A60N can build on existing integrity and operational documents from the project phase, or develop new documents / systems. A60N also helps operators analyse and extract value from the large volumes of operational / integrity data captured. This ensures that the risks to subsea assets are well understood and managed appropriately.

Project Examples

digitronc calc deposits.png
Operations Review

A review of all subsea production system (SPS) interfaces was performed to quantitively assess the risks posed by the build up of calcareous deposits to their functionality / operability. The work included:

  • Material reviews of various interfaces: EFLs, MQC, SCM, valve interfaces, LVAOs

  • Geometry and dimensional reviews of all interfaces

  • Seize factor assessments and ranking

  • Intervention plans to manage deposits

  • Mitigation plan to prevent deposits

Biocide dosing example 2.PNG
Integrity Review

A review was carried out of a subsea pipeline network to assess the condition of the network and identify key risk to the ongoing integrity of the system. The work included:

  • Review of design data and highlighting any key missing information

  • Review of subsea, splashzone and topsides inspection and ILI data

  • Review of production data, including: chemical injection, corrosion probes, production chemistry

  • Review of valve maintenance and performance records

  • Review of historical integrity documents

  • Development of summaries for each system highlighting: key integrity risks, internal and external condition of the system, ongoing costs of maintenance and operations to end of field life

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