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Lateral - AXIAL Cleaning Tool


Subsea seawater intakes are prone to rapid fowling and blockages from marine growth, this issue is exacerbated in warm water regions, such as Australia, South East Asia and the Middle East. Seawater intakes are a critical component of process safety systems and blockages can have significant consequences to offshore operations. To address this problem Lateral have developed the FlexiClean AXIAL tool, which provides a significant improvement on current cleaning technologies whilst reducing operational risks and expenditure.

A60N subsea cleaning laternal flexiclean perth oil and gas


The axial tool consists of a vertically orientated elastomer cleaning head which is powered by a hydraulic motor which is interfaced with a work class ROV. The axial tool ranges from 1.5 to 2 m long and x m in diameter and weighs 12 to 15 kg. The AXIAL runs off ROV hydraulics with a recommended pressure of 140 bar and a flowrate of 20-60 l/min.140 bar and a flowrate of 20-60 l/min.


During operations the cleaning fingers (typically 300mm long) open due to centrifugal forces. This allows initial access through restricted spaces and subsequent cleaning of much larger internal diameter spaces. The axial tool runs from a horizontal ROV platform which flies to the required cleaning locations at various depths / intakes. The technology cleans more rapidly and leaves a cleaner surface than conventional technologies such as lances.

Track Record:

The tool has been successfully deployed in the North Sea by BP on a number of assets including Alvheim and Skarv.

Please contact the A60N team at for more information.

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