The A60N Subsea Testing and Research (STAR) Labs offer testing and research opportunities in close proximity to Perth, Western Australia; the offshore oil and gas hub of Australia. Currently the following services are available: 

Material testing - The performance of materials in seawater is a perpetual challenge. In-situ testing of materials presents many benefits in aiding our understanding of performance and eliminating costly operational failures.

Technology qualification - Implementation of new technology introduces risks for a variety of stakeholders. Offshore testing to increase technology readiness levels (TRLs) helps lower operational risks.

Equipment trials - Equipment problems during IMR operations can lead to costly vessel delays and safety risks. The STAR Lab sites provide offshore environments to test equipment in a safe low risk, low cost setting.

The offshore lease area is situated approximately 200m from the Rous Head, Fremantle in approximately 7m water depth. Power and communications are provided, with a cable running from the offshore lease area into the onshore facility. A View Into The Blue underwater IP camera provides a livestream of the site. A number of locally based ROV, diving and marine contractors are available for installation, inspection and retrieval of equipment. In addition, the testing sites are conveniently located close to Fremantle harbour where a range of vessels are available for hire.

To discuss any potential testing scope please contact us

Testing Programs

Influence of Calcareous Deposits on Electrical Connectors

This testing program aims to understand the effects of calcareous deposits on the forces required to demate electrical flying leads and is expected to run for approximately 6 months. The connectors have been split into two groups, one with CP and one without. Prior to commencing the test an average demate force for each connector was established.

Fastener Coating Performance in Australian Subsea Conditions 

Doxsteel supplied A60N with 9" and 6" flanges bolted together with fasteners with various types of coatings. The purpose of the test was to assess the corrosion performance in Australian offshore conditions of the different coatings, including Doxsteel's Nickel Cobalt. The flanges were immersed for a period of 6 months and were not connected to a cathodic protection system. At the end of the test period the flanges were recovered and sent for laboratory analysis.

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