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Reduce the risk of

future failures

What We Do

Integrity Management

A60N provides asset integrity management (AIM) services to our clients to ensure their assets function safely and reliably. The purpose of IM is to prevent structural, containment and function failures through a structured process. Our areas of expertise include:

  • Subsea Production Systems (SPS)

  • Umbilicals, Risers and Flowlines (URF)

  • Pipelines

Testing and Materials

A60N provides bespoke onshore and subsea testing services for both equipment and individual materials (metals, polymers and coatings). Our areas of testing expertise include:

  • Functionality of subsea equipment / interfaces

  • Materials compatibility

  • Corrosion and environmentally assisted cracking

Failure Investigations

A60N provides independent failure investigation services to our clients through a variety of methods. The service allows asset operators and original equipment manufacturers to:

  • Determine root cause of failure and identify contributing factors

  • Understand future risks

  • Assess mitigations / design changes to prevent similar failures in the future

Latest News


Feb 2024

2024 kick-off started at the February Society for Underwater Technology Evening Technical Meeting.

Electrical Fault Finding Campaign

Oct 2023

A60N conducted an electrical fault finding campaign that was completed on Maersk Master.

TCP Delivery Engineering Support

Apr 2023

Engineering support for delivery of TCP flowlines for the Scarborough Project.

Offshore Riser and Vent Port Inspection Campaign

Jul 2023

Vent port inspection system was developed and successfully executed offshore by A60N.

Remote CP Campaign

Jan 2023

Remote Cathodic Protection campaign in New Zealand managed from the Perth Remote Operations Center (PROC).

Offshore Campaign NWS

Oct 2022

Disconnectable Turret Mooring, DBSC, bend stiffener and riser inspection campaign at the North West Shelf.

Cable Termination RCA

Jul 2022

Cable termination Root Cause Analysis successfully assesed and completed.

Offshore Campaign

Apr 2022

A60N conducted Riser testing & J-tube inspections offshore in the vicinity of Exmouth.


Jan 2022

Hydraulic Flying Lead Root Cause Analysis completed

SUT Year-end Party

Dec 2021

A60N had fun ending the year at the Society of Underwater Technology Party

PA12 Analysis

Jul 2021

First stage of a PA12 analysis project underway with the cutting up of a recovered flexible flowline.

UTA Repairs

Sep 2021

Four more UTAs repaired using the A60N cable blocking system, IR recovered to > 10 GΩ.

Our Clients

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Management Team

Paul Georgeson
Project Manager and Principal Engineer
Skjalg Erdal
Materials and Integrity Lead

Paul has over 15 years’ experience in the O&G industry, working with both projects and in operational support. He has worked in Australia, the North Sea, the Middle East and throughout SE Asia. The majority of his experience is in the integrity management of subsea systems, structures and pipelines with particular focus on:

  • Pipeline and subsea corrosion mitigation and repair

  • Material and equipment root cause failure analysis

  • Offshore campaign execution and project management

  • Integrity management systems development

Contact: or +61 (0) 432 765 009

Skjalg has a diverse background in engineering, research and project management. He holds a doctorate in materials science (effects of hydrogen on solid materials). He has provided IM services to most Australian subsea O&G operators. Skjalg's experience in materials and integrity related work includes:​

  • Failure investigations

  • Corrosion prevention

  • Offshore testing and subsea equipment IM

  • Research and development


Contact: or +61 (0) 423 378 996

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