Technical Articles

To assist with understanding common subsea issues, A60N will be regularly publishing brief technical articles designed to:

  • Highlight common offshore material performance issues

  • Describe the background science

  • Discuss options for resolving problems

If  you would like to suggest a topic for a future article please contact us

Latest Posts

How understanding the fundamentals can help avoid costly problems

Dec 2018

Science of Stuck Part 1

How to remove calcareous deposits from subsea equipment

Mar 2019

Science of Stuck Part 2

Preventing calcareous deposits forming on subsea equipment

Feb 2020

Science of Stuck Part 3

Understand the risks associated with swaged super duplex stainless steel subsea. 

April 2020

HISC - Corrosion Journal Article

Read about the collaboration between A60N and Doxsteel Fasteners to investigate the performance of coated bolts for offshore and subsea applications.

April 2020

Subsea Bolt Coatings and Materials Testing
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