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AISUS - Internal Caisson Inspection

Why: Failure of caissons due to wall thickness loss, caused by mechanisms such as galvanic corrosion and erosion around pump strings, is a global problem in the offshore industry. Caisson failures are costly and present safety risks to host facilities, such as dropped objects and non-functioning firewater systems. To address this problem AISUS has developed SIRIUS-X to quickly and reliably inspect and map the wall thickness of caissons; enabling Operators to assess the integrity of their assets and manage them safely.

A60N AISUS perth oil and gas subsea caisson inspection


SIRIUS-X is an internal ultrasonic scanning tool for corrosion mapping within offshore caissons, risers, and conductors. The deployment systems also allows for high pressure water jet cleaning and remote close visual inspection as required. The tooling caters for internal diameters from 14” – 60”, can be adjusted at the touch of a button and has a range of 200 m.


A team of 2-3 multi-skilled engineers deploy the gravity fed tools from the platform, capturing 360° video footage, still images and corrosion maps. The information is then collated into a in-depth inspection report for the client to allow verification of structural integrity and support critical decisions on when and how to repair or replace a caisson.

Track Record:

AISUS have significant experience of inspecting caissons and have deployed this solution on over 150 projects for multiple operators across UK, Europe, North Africa and the Caribbean. Clients include Shell, BP, Repsol, Apache, Wintershall, Statoil and Total.

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