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SolidCitric - Subsea Cleaning Solution

Why:​ Australian subsea assets are highly susceptible to calcareous depositions and acid cleaning of interfaces is required in order to remove scale build-up. Traditionally this acid cleaning has been very time consuming, occupying the vessel or rig for hours. By use of SolidCitric operational efficiency can be increased and HSE onboard the vessel will be improved as there is no need for any mixing of acid.


SolidCitric is a field proven technology, which improves the efficiency of marine operation when performing maintenance, repair or intervention activities. SolidCitric is bio-friendly citric acid in solid form designed to free up vessel time as a “set and forget” solution.


SolidCitric and an adapter tool for the interface to be cleaned, is brought to the subsea worksite with the ROV. The adapter tool is installed and the SolidCitric cartridge is fitted into the adapter tool. The SolidCitric is left to be dissolved by seawater, creating a localised and efficient acid cleaning. When the acid dissolves it will flow and displace / saturate the raw seawater which is entrapped in the adapter tool. The ROV then removes the adapter tool and gives the treated surface a light clean with a brush or a water jet.

Where and who: Cleaning of wellheads, hubs, mounting bases, MQC plates, valve receptacles, stabs and other interfaces. Design of adapter tools for non-standard interfaces are made by request.

Track Record:

As of August 2017, Jupa have delivered more than 500 SolidCitric cartridges and 55 SolidCitric adapters.

For more information please contact the team at

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